Unconventional Corporate Gift Guide

HILBURN unconventional gift guide


Pens, pads and mugs are effective, low-cost ways to keep your company name and contact information in front of the decision makers who do business with you. But, sometimes you need something that packs more punch. You need something that aligns with your brand and carries a message that won’t soon be forgotten.

You need an unconventional corporate giveaway.

“We print a lot of pens, pads and mugs,” says Christy Edmunds, manager of Hilburn Printing. “But when a business wants to make a different kind of impression on their clients, we pull out our ‘unconventional gift ideas’ and recommend specialty items that go above and beyond the usual.”

You should consider unconventional gift items when:

  • You have a message that needs to stand out from the crowd
  • You – and your clients – are conscious of the ecological footprint your gift items leave
  • You have a marketing message or sales campaign that ties in to a promotional item via a play on words or theme

“We can help businesses in all three of these situations,” says Christy. “We know our catalogs back to front and can help clients choose a memorable item that will set them apart; we can point clients to eco-friendly choices; and we can work with them to match the perfect item with a fun ‘play-on-word’ message that aligns with their marketing message or special campaign.”

Here are just a few unconventional gift ideas Christy recommends.

A Cork USB: “USB drives are often stereotypical and boring,” says Christy. “Put a little fun into your client’s hands with this whimsical USA drive that features a natural cork wine stopper split in half. It comes with a friction-fit cap and can be laser-etched or hot stamped with your company logo. Your customers will love it.”

A Cube Puzzle: “Give your client something to do with his hands while he’s on a conference call,” says Christy. “This 2.25 inch six-sided puzzle cube offers nine squares per side for displaying artworks. You can print one color or four-color on this durable polystyrene cube. After playing with this puzzle during a conference call, your customer might just pick up the phone and call you for an order!”

Breast Cancer Awareness Seed Packets: “Few messages are more meaningful than ones that bring attention to life-threatening diseases such as breast cancer,” says Christy. “These offer a fresh take on the traditional seed packet with each featuring a plant-based, compostable cello bag, full color 3”x4” recycled backer card with rounded edges, and a generous scoop of ‘Breast Cancer Awareness’ seed mix. These seeds bloom into a lovely collection of pink-colored flowers that represent feminine strength and hope. Sometimes you need to send a positive message and one that reminds clients of important health and safety information. This kind of message not only serves your clients, but positions your company as thoughtful, caring and concerned.”

HydroPouch!(TM) Tire Collapsible Spray Top Water Bottle: “People love a great water bottle, and this is one of our best,” says Christy. “This convenient 24 oz. bottle is made from BPA-free bendable plastic and nylon that can be folded flat. It features a polypropylene plastic spray top so you can easily water plants, wet your hair or wet your whistle. These are great for marathon events and sports rallies. You can even put your school or event logo on them and sell them as fundraisers.”

If your next campaign requires an unconventional promotional item that stands out from the crowd, is eco-friendly, or ties in with a targeted marketing message, call Christy Edmunds and let the professionals at Hilburn Printing help you find the perfect item.