Top 5 Summer Promo Products

Some of our favorite promotional items really shine in the summer; from practical to playful, we have products that your clients will enjoy all season long!

#5 Beach Totes

The Sifter Beach Tote

Everyone needs a great tote for the beach, and we have hundreds of customizable options! Here are a few of our top sellers….

The Sifter Beach tote is simply brilliant; available in several colors and lined with mesh, the bottom cover opens to allow sand to be shaken out easily. Genius!

This cute bag comes with a coordinating beach mat!

Insulated totes are hugely popular year-round, but really standout in the summer.

# 4 Sunglasses

Sunglasses are one of our most cost-effective, FUN summer accessories, and they are easily customized to reflect your brand. We have hundreds of options to choose from – here are a few of our faves!

LensTek Sunglasses with Logos

These classic shades come in a branded water-resistant pouch – two gifts for the price of one!

Looking for something that will stand out? These logo-emblazoned glasses are sure to stand out in the crowd!

We are OBSESSED with this kiddo kit! It comes with branded sunglasses, sunscreen, alcohol-free hand sanitizer, and bubbles! Sure to be a hit with all ages!

# 3 Sunscreen and Lip Balm

1 oz. SPF30 Sunscreen Lotion With Carabiner and Lip Balm Kit

These branded sunscreen sticks are cost-effective and easy to throw in a beach bag – and they really work!

This is one of our personal faves –  a miniature bottle of sunscreen with a lip balm attached by carabiner! Both products offer SPF protection, and the lip balm comes in several flavors.

This tropical-scented sunscreen spray is sure to be a crowd-pleaser! Slides into any pocket, kid-friendly, and totally customizable!

#2 Customized Coolers

Living in the South, no one ever has “too many” coolers! Give your customers a gift they’ll use year-round at every sporting event, camping trip, and backyard party for years to come!

Ice River Seat Cooler

This Ice River Cooler features an impressive 18-can capacity, and doubles as a portable seat! Designed with a flexible padded strap, it folds flat when not in use. This is a perfect accessory for tailgating, parties, and camping!
Encourage your customers to think of you every day with one of our many available insulated lunch bag selections! This Breeze Lunch Cooler is affordable, comes in a cool retro-inspired brown bag style, and is guaranteed to keep your customer’s lunch and/or up to 5 cans cool all day. Call us for details!
Looking for a cooler that can really stand up to the heat? These high-value 50QT Pelican Elite coolers are pretty awesome! The toughest product on the market, their extreme insulation maintains ice for up to 8 days, and they also feature an integrated bottle opener, fish scaler, and can holders. The product is sure to wow at a promotional event!

#1 Are you ready for our number one promotional product? Drum roll please….

BEACH TOWELS! These handy giveaways hold a spot in the average home for up to 15 YEARS – that is basically 100 years in the marketing world! Put your brand on a product that lasts!

Cabana Stripe Microfiber Beach Towel

This classic Cabana Stripe towel is a popular choice, and comes in many color schemes to coordinate with your logo. We love the extra-large size!

Round beach towels are all the rage! 60 inches in diameter and made of fast-drying microfiber, this unique towel is fun and memorable, and comes in a variety of customizable prints.
Looking for something a little more portable? These polyester cooling towels are budget friendly, and pack a big punch in a tiny package! Activated by adding water, they drop 16*F from surrounding temps within 20 seconds, and provide up to two hours of refreshing coolness. Perfect for the beach, sports events, or any outdoor activities!