Make A Memorable Impression with Direct Mail

If you want to make a memorable marketing impression at bargain rates, consider including direct mail in your next promotional campaign.

While email can and should be part of your marketing mix, nothing makes a bigger splash than a well-designed direct mail piece sent straight to your target audience’s mail box.

“Direct mail pieces are more valuable than ever right now,” says Christy Johnson, manager of Shreveport-Bossier’s Hilburn Printing. “When you put an actual printed piece in a customer’s hands, you’ve made a unique impression that carries more impact than an email they might not even see.”

Hilburn Printing offers the full-range of direct mail services for campaigns ranging from 100 pieces to 100,000 pieces including:
  • Design
  • Printing
  • List management
  • Addressing and postage
  • Post Office Delivery

“Direct mail gives companies the opportunity to send their marketing message to specific customer audiences through targeted lists using such factors as household income, homeowners, families with children or zip code,” says Christy. “That’s another advantage of direct mail – you can reach a targeted customer cost-effectively.”

Direct mail is not only good for marketing campaigns but for corporate and association newsletters. “Our turnkey direct mail service means we handle everything from design to delivery while our customers focus on running their business.”

Things to Remember When Planning Your Direct Mail Campaign
  • The minimum number for bulk mail through the US postal system is 200. “We can do smaller campaigns – you just won’t get the bulk discount,” said Johnson.
  • Postcard size mailers are popular. “They are simple, clear and make a strategic impact at a minimal cost.” said Johnson.
  • The best days to mail are Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.
  • From start to finish, a typical direct mail campaign takes from five to seven days. Depending on the design complexity and proofing time, it can take 7-10 days.
  • On the lower end, direct mail campaigns cost about .50 per piece for a quantity up to 1000.