Get Your T-Shirt On and Wear Your Message in Style

There’s no better time of year than summer to get your t-shirt on – your custom t-shirt that is.

“Custom t-shirts are a fun way to celebrate a special occasion, raise funds, rally special interest groups, or build brand awareness,” says Christy, manager of Hilburn Printing of Shreveport-Bossier. “Using color and design, custom t-shirts are a simple and affordable way to create a branded identity for groups of any number from five to five hundred.”

Christy says that Hilburn Printing specializes in custom t-shirts from design to delivery and promises a finished product that will wow your group and go easy on your pocketbook.

“Summer is a popular season for custom t-shirts due to the customary warm weather, the relaxed summer culture, and the many special events and occasions planned. There’s no better way to express yourself and your group’s message than with a custom t-shirt.”


Here are four ways that you, your family, group or organization can benefit from a custom t-shirt.

Celebrations: Whether you’re celebrating a special birthday, anniversary, family reunion or some other momentous occasion, a customized t-shirt is the perfect party favor to deliver a congratulatory message. Gather everyone up for a group photo and you have a one-of-a-kind souvenir that will mark the occasion in style.

Fundraisers: If you’re raising funds for a special cause, you can use a custom t-shirt as a product to sell, a reward to those participating in your event, or a gift to contributors. A custom t-shirt will spread your message, promote your cause and even encourage others to join your campaign.

Special Interest Groups: School groups, church groups, civic clubs and sports clubs use t-shirts to identify volunteers at special events, unify members on group outings or camps, and even serve as inexpensive uniforms. Custom t-shirts offer endless possibilities for groups looking for a way to mark their members in a fun one-of-a-kind way.

Businesses: Companies use custom t-shirts as walking advertisements. Whether the shirt is given to employees, customers or vendors, a well-designed t-shirt sporting the corporate logo and company colors not only promotes the brand, but instills pride in those who share a special relationship with the company.


Before ordering your custom t-shirt, remember these tips offered by


  • Pricing is mostly determined by imprint color so if you’re on a budget, use fewer colors in your design.
  • You can have designs on both front and back, but stay within the design perimeter to avoid surcharges.
  • As with any custom shirt, the more you order, the steeper the price break you get.
  • If your budget is tight, go with white. “The general rule of thumb is, the darker the shirt color, the higher the price,”, she says. “White is the most inexpensive color.”
  • The most popular colors include seasonal colors like white and gray as well as varying shades of blue and red.
  • The most current styles are t-shirts with pocket and a full back made from material in a cotton blend and polyester.
  • Express your style with your favorite t-shirt brand. “We recommend Gildan, or Port and Company but have also used Comfort Colors and Bella Canvas,” says Christy.
  • Remember the plus sizes. “It’s a real downer if the t-shirt is too tight so consider the sizes you’ll need to accommodate everyone,” says Hilburn. “Although our most popular sizes are small, medium and large we do print up to 2XL and can sometimes even go as big as 5X.”

Planning a t-shirt campaign? Give Christy at Hilburn Printing a call and let her help you design the perfect shirt for your special occasion.