How to Get Your Christmas Cards Designed, Personalized and Printed in Less Than 24 Hours

Still haven’t got your Christmas card designed, printed and mailed?

No worries … there’s still plenty of time.

But to make the process as easy as homemade Christmas fudge, we have some tips to help you get your holiday greeting card designed, personalized and printed in less than 24 hours.

On your mark, get set, go!

Tip #1: Make it Easy with Etsy
“Although we have in-house designers, we welcome our clients to go to the website, ‘Etsy’ and find a design there,” says Christy Johnson, manager of Hilburn Printing of Shreveport-Bossier. “It’s fast, easy and you have thousands of options from which to choose.”

Tip #2: Get Personal
Personalization of Christmas cards is in and it’s easier to do than ever.

“We suggest going to websites like Etsy or Pinterest to search through various Christmas card styles to find the one that matches your tastes and personality,” says Christy. “From vintage to contemporary, the styles and varieties are endless. But once you narrow your style preferences, it will be easier to find a card that you like.”

Tip #3: Search and Scroll
Once you’ve chosen the design style that represents you, type that description in the Etsy search bar and start scrolling through the myriad of options available.

You may feel overwhelmed with the choices. But let your eyes zero in on three to five designs that pop off the screen and then let your heart choose one of those that you feel best expresses you this holiday season.

Tip #4: Buy the Bytes
Once you’ve found the card of your holiday dreams, you can purchase the design. The designer will personalize it, and send you a print-ready file that you can email to us at Hilburn.

Tip #5: Choose Your Paper
After you’ve sent your files to us, you’re welcome to drop by and take a quick look at the variety of paper card stocks we offer. Or to make it extra easy, let us choose the one we feel will work best for your greeting card. (Extra tip: You really can’t beat a bright white card stock that makes your design pop!)

Tip #6: Let Hilburn Do The Rest
Once you’ve emailed your design and approved the paper choice, we’ll take care of the printing. And if you get your files to us by 12 noon, we can usually have it printed and ready by the end of the day.

Then you can curl up in the evening by the fire with a nice cup of hot chocolate, sign your cards, address your envelopes and affix your holiday stamps. Drop them in the mail on your way to work the next morning and you’re done!

Tip #7: Sit back and Wait for the Compliments
Once you’ve mailed your cards, you can sit back and wait for the phone calls, texts and email compliments about just how smart and creative your cards are.

Everyone will be asking how you did it.

But no one needs to know just how easy it was!

For more information about how to get your holiday Christmas cards designed, personalized and printed in 24 hours or less, contact Hilburn Printing.