Customized Calendars: The Gift That Gives 365 Days of the Year

In this digital age of laptops, tablets, smart phones and smart watches, it may seem as though the once popular wall calendar has been overshadowed by our digital devices.

But the reality is that we still need physical reminders of our “month-at-glance,” important dates like the boss’ birthday, and something eye-catching to warm up our offices.

Customized wall calendars can do all of that and more.

If you’re looking for a practical gift for customers, business associates and employees this holiday season, why not give a customized calendar?

Customized calendars offer a number of benefits. They are:

  • Economical on a cost per piece basis.
  • Often featured in highly visible areas of an office.
  • Referred to every business day of the year, giving your brand year-round exposure.

Put some creativity into the design of your calendar and it will not only promote your business 12 months a year, but you’ll create a conversation piece that your clients will love.

Here’s how to do that.

Make Your Calendar a Work of Art

Who says customized calendars have to be cliché or boring? Get some creative help from a designer and a professional photographer and make your customized calendar a work of art that customers will want to put on their walls.

  • Hire a professional photographer and get creative with your photos. Feature some of your most popular products, or well-known landmarks in your city or state. Or choose a theme such as nature or inspiring business quotes to make your calendar appeal to your target audience.
  • Use a designer to create a one-of-a-kind design, complete with a brand-specific cover and creative page spreads.

Make Your Calendar Practical

Your customized calendar should be much more than 12 pretty pictures and a reminder of the most important days of the year. Here are some ideas to help you use your calendar as a marketing tool for your business.

  • Create a unique web address and print the address on every page of your promotional calendar. When you give the calendar to a client, show them the web address and explain that they can go to that url throughout the year for special offers. Offer a new promotion each month on this web page.
  • Use your custom calendar as a product catalog. Promote a different product or service each month or on specific days around your annual marketing strategy. This is a smart way to feature seasonal products or services and to customize your calendar according to your business’ specific marketing cycles.
  • Add a personal touch with stickers or handwritten sticky notes before distributing your calendars. Highlight special days of the year in which you offer discounts. Or let us custom-print some “Happy Birthday” stickers for you to apply. The idea here is to make it personal and meaningful – especially for your most loyal customers.

Make Your Calendar Fun

There aren’t any rules when creating customized calendars. Create a design that is specific to your brand and one to which your customers will relate.

  • For example, if appropriate, create a unique shape. A dentist could give a tooth-shaped calendar with appointment reminders and dental hygiene tips.
  • A restaurant could feature images of its most popular dishes or perhaps share a different recipe every month.
  • A veterinarian could hold a ”pet of the month” contest featuring photos of the winning pets.

Make It an Annual Event

The great thing about a customized calendar is that your client will need a new one every year. Why not make it an annual event and work to produce a head turner every year?

Strike the right balance between art, practicality and fun, and your clients will look forward to your new calendar for years to come.

Give Us a Call and Let’s Talk

If you’d like to give customized calendars for holiday gifts – or even have them ready to give to your customers just after New Year’s, give us a call at 318-868-8868. We will work with you to design and print a calendar that your customers will use 365 days a year.