Seven Tips for a Stellar Vinyl Banner

vinyl banner hilburn shreveport

If you’re looking for a budget-friendly marketing strategy with the potential to promote your message to thousands of potential customers, consider ordering vinyl banners for your next event or promotion.

“Vinyl banners offer some great advantages” says Christy Edmunds, manager of Hilburn Printing. “They are cost-effective, quick to print and you can place them in multiple locations for maximum promotional effect.”

But before you order your next vinyl banner, consider these seven tips to make the most of your promotional campaign.

Tip # 1:  Keep It Simple

It’s tempting to cram your banner full of information, graphics and tidbits. Don’t!

Your banner design should be simple, with large typography and eye-appealing graphics and feature the most important details of your event such as name, date, time, website and logo. Save the details for your website, Facebook page or flyer.

Keep it simple to help the viewer focus on the big idea of your banner.

Tip # 2: Make Your Design Pop

In today’s media-rich world, the average consumer is bombarded with over 5,000 messages per day. Use professional design elements such as white space, contrasting colors and graphics to make your banner design pop.

Tip # 3:  Make Your Key Benefit Clear

Be sure to know and communicate with clarity the key benefit of your message.

  • Is your event ‘a night to remember’?
  • Is your product going to ‘change their life’?
  • Or is your service going to ‘save them money’?

Think what’s in it for them and keep that benefit front and center.

Tip # 4:  Make Them an Offer They Can’t Refuse

Scarcity sells. When you make a limited-time offer it motivates customers to respond more quickly. If appropriate, make your offer in the headline such as, “Get a 25% Discount if Purchased by Friday!”

Tip # 5:  Create a memorable call to action

Don’t make your customers guess what they are supposed to do … tell them.

Be clear and use active phrases such as:

  • Visit our website!
  • Call now!
  • Text #333555

Remember, your potential customers are walking or driving by your banner. Your call to action must be brief enough to be memorable.

Tip # 6:  Brand It

Whether you’re a business, nonprofit or educational institution, your brand is your connection point to your customers. Your banner should represent your brand in terms of color choices, typography, use of logo and tagline. When your customer sees your banner they should recognize immediately that this is you.

Tip #7: Location, Location, Location

As they say in real estate, the three most important words when hanging your banner is ‘location, location, location.’ No matter how well designed or how strong the message, if it’s not placed in an appropriate, high-traffic location, your banner won’t have the opportunity to do its job.

Go out and scout potential locations and ask permission if necessary to get your banner placed in the most strategic and high-traffic location.

BONUS! Tip # 8: Use a Professional Printer

You may have an award-winning design and a message that the world needs to hear, but if you skimp on printing and your banner looks shabby, then that not only reflects on you, it reflects on your promotion. Plus, people are sophisticated today in their appreciation of visual quality. A poorly printed banner is likely to be overlooked – or worse, leave a bad impression.

As a professional printer, Hilburn Printing of Shreveport-Bossier can help you achieve a quality design with advice and professional knowledge on the message, colors, font choices and style.